11 Great Vegan Recipes to Make This Month: September

11 Great Vegan Recipes to Make This Month: September

Even though it definitely still feels like summer outside, I am just so ready for this summer to be over so we can get to some cozy fall weather already.

September is a great month for food because we still have some great late-summer produce like tomatoes and figs, but we also get to start enjoying the early-fall harvest with apples, sweet potatoes and all things PSL.

Below, I’ve rounded up 11 Great Vegan Recipes to Make This September to help give you some ideas for this transition season. Some of the recipes are warm-and-cozy, some will make great back-to-school/work-from-home lunches, and they will all help you get in the fall spirit!

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Ok, let’s get to our September recipes!

Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Latte

This is my much better-for-you version on Starbuck’s famous drink- plus it’s got chocolate!


Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spice Latte

Another spin on the PSL because it’s just so cozy.

Pumpkin & Apple Yogurt Parfait

I love this recipe for back-to-school mornings. If school is in your living room this year, this breakfast will help make the mornings fun!


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie for days when you’re craving to cozy flavors of fall…but it’s still summer weather outside.


Maple-Mustard Apple & Sweet Potato Melt

You. Need.This. Sandwich.

Back-to-School Eggplant “Bacon” Sandwich

The eggplant bacon is SO good- I can’t wait for you to try it!! It’s also great chopped up on salads.

“Bacon”, Kale & Apple Sammie

Another great vegan version of bacon! You can find this recipe in the fall chapter of my latest cookbook, The Colorful Family Table.

Easy Veggie Ramen

This is a great fall recipe because you can really get creative with all different types of mushrooms. Try your local farmers market for enoki, hen of the woods, chanterelle, oyster and others.

Roasted Stuffed Figs

Want to feel a little fancy? This recipe is secretly super easy to make, even though it feels elegant and special. Find the recipe in the fall chapter of The Colorful Family Table.


Caramel, Chocolate PB Apples

I love this as an after school snack because it tastes very dessert-like but is secretly low on sugar!


No-Bake Pumpkin Pie Bites

Just like pumpkin pie… but made for summer-like weather! These no-bake bites are a cool treat, even though they’re made with some warm and cozy ingredients.


Happy September, friends!

11 Great Vegan Recipes to Make This Month: September